Many people, whether they know it or not, will be faced with an issue related to elder law.  Whether you are working towards starting estate planning, dealing with incapacity issues, planning for long-term care, or considering asset protection, working with a law firm like the Carr Law Group is essential.  Moreover, it is vital to work with an attorney who understands the complexities of elder law and who can guide you through the process and to provide you with the information you will need to make wise decisions regarding your individual situation.

It’s the peace of mind gained plus the professionalism demonstrated by attorneys Lee R. Carr II and Ken Lark that best describes the experience of those who have worked with Carr Law Group. Carr Law Group has become a respected name by its lawyers gaining the trust of their clients and providing answers to their specific needs.

Carr Law Group

When Lee founded his law firm, he realized how the practice of elder law was an ever-growing need in aging America.  In pursuit of excellence of his elder law practice and in an effort to “give back” to our up and coming law students, Lee became an Adjunct Professor of Law at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida.

Carr Law Group is committed to their clients; committed to you; whatever your elder law needs may be. Clients come to us to find out about guardianship, handle estate planning, to set up powers of attorney, trusts, wills, Medicaid planning, probate, and much more.

Carr Law Group can help you lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. Our firm is here to provide you with thoughtful advice with solutions to life’s tough questions such as:

  • Are you approaching retirement and looking to make plans for after you have stopped working?  We can help chart your course.
  • Are you dealing with the death of a parent?  We can help sort things out.
  • Do you have a loved one going into long-term care and you need help cutting through Medicaid’s red tape? We are here to help navigate the bureaucracy.
  • Has your spouse or loved one recently lost the capacity to manage their own affairs and you need some help sorting things out? We can peel back the confusion.

When you are faced with elder law issues, Carr Law Group is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions.  Because we can’t all be experts on everything, it is vital we get help to pull back the curtain of this complicated field.

We all want to be reassured that we, our elders, our next generation, and our estate will be well-cared for. If you want the security and peace of mind that comes with being informed, call on Lee Carr II, an experienced attorney who focuses his practice on Elder Law. Carr Law Group can help you make a solid plan; a “Plan for Life.”™

– Carr Law Group.